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제목실험실원 모집 (Recruiting Lab members)

Writer 운동신경회로 실험실 Date 2018/11/07


대학원생 모집(석사, 박사, 석박사)

Looking for Graduate students(MS, PhD, MS-PhD)

**** Before Semester starts, you could have a chance to experience our lab through Internships.

 What we do:  1. Identifying the molecular mechanisms underlying locomotor circuit development.
                          2. Defining neuronal substrates for locomotor circuits.
                          3. Understanding the role of genetic programs that regulate motor circuit
in the evolution of animal behaviors.
What we aim for: In the end, we aim to apply the lessons from these studies to developing ways to
help people affected by motor function defects such as spinal cord injuries and ALS.

For achieving these scientific goals, we are applying Cutting edge molecular, genetic,
developmental, and neurogenetic tools to Diverse model organisms including
mouse, chicken, and skate.

The news in The New York Times explains what we are doing and where we are going:

* It is highly recommened to send a copy of your personal statement and transcript to me

   before applying to school.

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