Map the Locomotion Circuits

Defining neuronal substrates for locomotor circuits

Molecular Mechanisms

Identifying molecular mechanisms underlying locomotion circuit development and evolution


Identifying neuro-electrophysiological features in the locomotion circuit of behaviors

Animal Behaviors

Understanding the role of each circuit component in the regulation of animal behaviors

About Us

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We are applying cutting edge molecular, genetic, developmental, and neurogenetic tools to diverse model organisms including mouse, chicken, and fish.

Sub Topics

Genetic Pathways
Neuronal Identities
Locomotion Development
Animal Behaviors

In the end we expect to apply the lessons from studying model organisms for developing ways to help people with motor function defects such as spinal cord injuries and ALS.

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How Do Locomotor Neuronal Circuits Shape Animal Behaviors?

During locomotion, motor neurons are activated in a rhythmic and patterned manner. The motor neuron activites are under the control of locomotor circuits in the spinal cord, where motor neurons receive diverse inputs including sensory inputs, local interneuron inputs, desending inputs from the brain.

What we do:

Identifying the molecular mechanisms underlying locomotor circuit development.

Defining neuronal substrates for locomotor circuits.

Understanding the role of genetic programs that regulate motor circuit development in the evolution of animal behaviors.

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Model Organism

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